Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Global Warming

Our December and January have been mild and uneventful, in terms of weather, and then mid-February winter finally seems to have hit us. This is the second morning of freezing fog. A drive to the beach (we stayed in the car) reminded me so much of Ilona Wellman's images (see above). Yesterday the temperature didn't get above -2 all day and today looks to be the same. It's all relative, I know. Some people have been buried under the winter snows for months now. We watch Ice Road Truckers, so we know all about the cold. Nevertheless, winter is seldom a problem for us, so we take it personally when it does visit.

J has been taking it extremely personally. Every morning he hares outside to see what damage has been wrought on his tender plants. Most of them are wrapped up and huddled together on the perspex-covered deck for the winter, but he's been rushing about with armfuls of straw all over the place.

I'm on holiday this week - half term break. Very welcome it is too. I've been avoiding posting about the new job, just in case anyone who might know me finds this blog. It's unlikely, I know, but better safe than struck off :)
It's a challenge. Bits of it are extremely tough and we have a lot of work to do. It has been consuming most of my time and energy - hence the thin-ness of the blogging recently.
This week we are renovating the living room a bit. J has finally caved in under the pressure of my gentle, but regular remarking and concedes that our 15 year old carpet may merit replacing.
The problem is, you see, that it is a really, really good carpet and was really, really expensive and has lasted really, really well. It is also really, really heavily patterned and really, really dated. If you are of a nervous disposition, turn away now.

The upshot is that it is going to have a second life on top of a compost heap or something and we're getting a plain carpet. You wouldn't believe how many shades of beigey-brown there are out there! We can't have white or cream because our family is not good at avoiding spills, drips and coming in from the garden without taking our shoes off...

I have got some knitting in. Work continues on the Chinese Lace Pullover. Red is hard to photograph with a flash. I tried this morning and got a red blob. I'll try again in natural daylight if we ever get any today.

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Grace Yaskovic said...

dh is a carpet installer, I have seen it all (my dad was one too when he was alive) carpet prices here are through the roof but thank god he is still very busy