Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sales? Meh!

Went shopping yesterday to see if there are any bargains to be had. Caame back with three pairs of tights and a dozen Christmas gift bags for next year. Needless to say, I will put them somewhere and forget where that place is when I come to need them in 12 months. Wonder if there are any yarny bargains out there.

Finished knitting this polar bear as a test knit for another raveller. The yarn and pattern aren't a great match, but he kept my hands away from the crisps for an evening or two!

Have now cast on for Nuss in a merino silk tweed aran yarn. It's hard on the hands and difficult to visualise what it will look like when finished as the yarn blooms like mad after washing.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Belated Christmas Greetings!

We have enjoyed a relaxing Christmas here. Even though J's father was with us for Christmas day, j and I still wore our pyjamas and we ate on our knees! It's what we do, after years of striving for Good Housekeepingesque Christmas perfection, and I feel much better for it.

My Christmas eating routines have felt odd. well, they would, wouldn't they? Christmas was always a period of total excess and sugar-induced sedation. I don't do that anymore, so my holiday has been different. I think I may have gained a pound or two, which feels frightening and slightly out of control and Betty-the-Bypass-Pouch feels very tight and restricted. I think I've been eating larger quantities than I would usually and it all feels a bit bruised, so I'm on fluids today. I've been thinking about the Five Day Pouch Test. Maybe now is the time to try it.

We've been trying to get out and about for a daily walk, but the snow has made that difficult some days and plain unappealing others.

We have made it down to the beach several times this week - well wrapped up, of course.

It has been so cold that the sea froze on the beach and icicles formed on the rocks.

This is as close as I have gone to work ;) It's nice to have a rest.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Knitting update

Finished test knitting a slouchy hat for another raveller:

Completed Katrina Ballerina Lace Layering Cardigan (Ravelry link).

Made some mobile phone socks for the school Christmas fundraiser:

And a River Island-esque Panda Hat for A, who wears it on the walking bus!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas night out

If look rather like I have been stuffed, it is because J took so long to get me in focus.

Just wanted a record of myself wearing a 'little black dress' that wasn't a contradiction in terms of sizing!

I'm about 150lbs down now.

Friday, December 17, 2010

An ostrich in a pear tree... two dozen turtles nand some porridge in... ...and a partridge in a pantryyyy. ... And a part of a jenna pear tree...

Well, the (how many?) days of Christmas have brought to me:

- 12 dress rehearsals
- 3 Nativity performances
- 2 infant parties
- 1 junior disco
- 1 Christmas tree service in church
- 1 evening carol service in church
- 1 daytime carol service in church
- 1 pantomime
- 1 governors' party
- 1 Christmas Fayre
- 2 days of snow closures
- 1 visit from Santa
- 1 staff night out
- and a much longed for end of term!

Here's to a good rest :)

Friday, December 10, 2010

Sweet bells

Starting to warm up for Christmas by going to see Kate Rusby doing a Christmas concert at The Sage last night.

Another snowy drive up and some really precarious parking were compensated by a lovely evening (although the parking situation made us too late to get a coffee or anything to eat beforehand.)

The band were great and her voice is gorgeous. Our seats were on the front row. Really enjoyed myself singing along!

We've been listening to this in the car:

Very festive!