Monday, December 27, 2010

Belated Christmas Greetings!

We have enjoyed a relaxing Christmas here. Even though J's father was with us for Christmas day, j and I still wore our pyjamas and we ate on our knees! It's what we do, after years of striving for Good Housekeepingesque Christmas perfection, and I feel much better for it.

My Christmas eating routines have felt odd. well, they would, wouldn't they? Christmas was always a period of total excess and sugar-induced sedation. I don't do that anymore, so my holiday has been different. I think I may have gained a pound or two, which feels frightening and slightly out of control and Betty-the-Bypass-Pouch feels very tight and restricted. I think I've been eating larger quantities than I would usually and it all feels a bit bruised, so I'm on fluids today. I've been thinking about the Five Day Pouch Test. Maybe now is the time to try it.

We've been trying to get out and about for a daily walk, but the snow has made that difficult some days and plain unappealing others.

We have made it down to the beach several times this week - well wrapped up, of course.

It has been so cold that the sea froze on the beach and icicles formed on the rocks.

This is as close as I have gone to work ;) It's nice to have a rest.

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