Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I've been quite upfront about my WLS with most people I know, but today a colleague of mine had a phone call from the Head of another school, concerned about me.

I gave a presentation to the Special Needs Coordinators' Forum last week and there were a number of people there who I don't see that regularly. Apparently, after the meeting some of them were quite worried that I might have a serious illness (cancer?) that had caused my rapid weight loss.

My colleague reassured caller that I was very well indeed and had been working hard at this.

I'm wondering if I should take out an ad in the council newsletter or post something on the intranet.

Nevermind. It could be worse.

♥ ♥ ♥

Rock-hard (and indeed contains various rocks such as gravel), never goes stale, and is terribly sustaining, because a traveller will try anything rather than start eating the dwarf bread in his pack.

I've been experimenting with eating various forms of bread. This weekend I tried Food Doctor Multi Seed and Cereal Pitta Bread I'm usually safer with flat bread than other types and have more trouble with white than anything else.

Betty didn't like this much.

And, to be honest, it reminds me of Dwarf Bread.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Like buses

No posts for ages then two come along at once.

I'm having a small, personal celebration today. I am 101 pounds lighter today than I was when I started this malarky back in January 2009.

Me today:

Some other woman I don't really recognise from the past:

Sand castle virtues are all swept away

A crisp, cold day and I'm wearing a hat for our walk on the beach this morning. Quite often do.

Only problem is, it's 20th June! Where is the Summer?

&hearts &hearts &hearts

Jethro Tull are playing Gypsies Green in South Shields on 17th September this year. It's part of the run up to The Great North Run.
Haven't seen them play for years so bought some tickets last night.

So, today, as a very early warm up, we're listening to this:

(Bought as a download from Amazon for £6.93)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Morning in the garden.

Well, I'm now 95 pounds down and I thought I'd post a new photo:

&hearts &hearts &hearts

These Siberian irises are lovely:

There is something rather Aubrey Beardsley about this unfurling bud:

And something decidedly Georgia O'Keefe about this:

&hearts &hearts &hearts

Good luck, England!

Saturday, June 05, 2010

We've had a week's holiday and have actually seen some sunshine for a change. We've been able to get into the garden and out for a few walks.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Bank Holiday

Late May, a Bank Holiday and finally a little sunshine.

Walked on North Gare in the early morning, watching the kite surfers.

In the afternoon, J and I optimistically cleaned and tidied the deck ready for Summer use. We chopped down a jasmine that had started to go feral and threatened to take over the whole structure. It smelledwonderful, but cut out such a lot of light. I struggle with spiders, so hated to sit under it as huge, believe me, enormous wolf spiders made it their home.

In the evening, I let myself get suckered into a girlie evening at the movies. Saw Sex and the City 2. What a load of...