Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sand castle virtues are all swept away

A crisp, cold day and I'm wearing a hat for our walk on the beach this morning. Quite often do.

Only problem is, it's 20th June! Where is the Summer?

&hearts &hearts &hearts

Jethro Tull are playing Gypsies Green in South Shields on 17th September this year. It's part of the run up to The Great North Run.
Haven't seen them play for years so bought some tickets last night.

So, today, as a very early warm up, we're listening to this:

(Bought as a download from Amazon for £6.93)

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Rushton said...

You current picture is lovely! Wonderful progress!
As for the missing summer, we have it a month early here in Tennessee. 100 degrees predicted for tomorrow. The husband and I plan to hop on the motorcycle Friday to ride north to the cool of Canada. Hope the weather won't follow!