Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I've been quite upfront about my WLS with most people I know, but today a colleague of mine had a phone call from the Head of another school, concerned about me.

I gave a presentation to the Special Needs Coordinators' Forum last week and there were a number of people there who I don't see that regularly. Apparently, after the meeting some of them were quite worried that I might have a serious illness (cancer?) that had caused my rapid weight loss.

My colleague reassured caller that I was very well indeed and had been working hard at this.

I'm wondering if I should take out an ad in the council newsletter or post something on the intranet.

Nevermind. It could be worse.

♥ ♥ ♥

Rock-hard (and indeed contains various rocks such as gravel), never goes stale, and is terribly sustaining, because a traveller will try anything rather than start eating the dwarf bread in his pack.

I've been experimenting with eating various forms of bread. This weekend I tried Food Doctor Multi Seed and Cereal Pitta Bread I'm usually safer with flat bread than other types and have more trouble with white than anything else.

Betty didn't like this much.

And, to be honest, it reminds me of Dwarf Bread.

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