Thursday, April 10, 2008

Warming up

Feels decidedly springy today. I've finished my International Scarf Exchange 6 scarf and after blocking, took it outside to try for a background different to one of my usual sofa shots. Here it is dangling in one of our olive trees:

Some more garden picture:

A miniature flowering cherry.

Each year more and more moss and lichen finds a home on J's pondside Buddha.

The grass is full of tiny aconites and grape hyacinths.


weebug said...

you are way ahead on your scarf, it truly is lovely!

rho said...

ohhh pretty - pretty scarf and green garden and mossy Buddha and blue flowers and is that a chair in the one picture that is blue - you know I do love me some blue ;D

Cinders said...

Your scarf is lovely. I like the lace pattern.
Your garden looks lovely and spring like.