Saturday, November 01, 2008

Book Knit now for Christmas!

I've actually started my Christmas knitting. I know many people will have planned well ahead for this and have most things actually wrapped already, but this is unusual for me. I usually find myself on Christmas Eve, thinking "I could have made so and so a such and such..."

So, I give you, completed, a cardigan for my youngest neice, R.

It's based on Helena from Knitty, but has some modifications.

I love the picot edging. The yarn is Hacho, by Mirasol, and it's gorgeous to work with.

Flushed with my success, I cast on a felted bag for her mum.

I must admit, I'm not loving working with these huge, 8mm needles.


Yarn Devil said...

Good for you! Doesn't it feel good to start early? I have knit.. next to nothing for christmas this year... but have just finished all my sewing.. ahh feels good!

Love the little sweater!!! I bet the felted bag will work up quickly and be wonderful too!!!


Craftyfox said...

Lovely cardi, great to get something finished already.