Saturday, March 07, 2009

Health issues discussed, look away now

I'm wary that this is turning into a catalogue of health issues. An update anyway:

I haven't managed to lower my blood pressure by relaxation, exercising and wrestling with my diet, so I've now started to take some medication to help reduce it. I also had a chat with the partner I'm now seeing at my GP surgery and have started to take Orlistat to help with the weight loss. I must say, the side effects read as very glamourous.

She also asked me if I wanted her to refer me for gastric band surgery, which is done on the NHS in the next Health Authority.
I must admit, the idea floored me at first. It just seemed so far out there.

I've been doing some research. This is what they do:

Some of the resources I've been looking at.
UK Gastric Band
Living with a lap band
Gwen's WLS Blog

We're going to discuss it some more at my next appointment.
In the meantime....

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blog-blethers said...

I soooo need to delete those cookies too! I've re-joined the Tesco diet site again and know that losing weight will help with my joints, mobility etc. It can be hard enough doing the 'd' word, without health issues ...

Mind you, I did discover an advantage this week. I had to have steroids injected into the derriere at Out Patient clinic. 'Padding' has its uses - didn't feel a thing ... till later;o) Please let us know how things are going...