Sunday, April 05, 2009

Monkeys and mice

Finished at last!

I can't remember the last time I was so disenchanted with a project as I have been with this. It was a boring pattern to knit, the wool stuck together, making the ladders hard to drop and it just seemed to go on forever.

Still, it's finished now and I quite like it. Clapotis is definitely out of my system.

Can you tell what this is?

I've had some interesting suggestions so far. Obviously it's a sock monkey leg, in Twinkletoes sock yarn with a Wollmeisse foot.

More monkeys. Another pair of 72 stitch Monkey socks. I love this pattern. It fits so well and is a little more interesting than plain socks. Malabrigo sock yarn. Feels lovely.

Drove out to Egglestone Hall Nurseries this morning.
Couldn't get a table in the tea room :(
Didn't find the plants we were looking for :(
Prices seem to have really gone up so only made one impulse purchase :(

Did see this little chap, though :)

2 inches long.

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Bets said...

Congratulations on the clapotis :)
And, the socks and all the nature pics are lovely!