Monday, October 24, 2011

The label in my nightshirt tells lies

I'm afflicted by insomnia at the moment. Still, it's allowing me to be very productive and I'm ploughing through the titles on my kindle at a rate of knots.

It has been a busy day today.

As it's half-term I try to fit all my moveable appointments in. Some, I have no choice about, but some I can get into the holidays. Today it was a routine review with my GP. I was quite pleased as my bloods are ok and I am going to try without my blood pressure meds. On the down-side, they are still 'keeping an eye on me' in case I'm pushing the weight loss further than I need to. I don't think this is a worry, really. My weight has been steady for ages. I'm a size 10 in most things, 12 in others and happy with it.

Had coffee with some friends at lunchtime and explored the candle shop nearby. Any excuse, but I was looking for something nice for a friend's 60th birthday. We may go to Whitby at the weekend and I'm sure I'll get something there.

Filled with a sense of purpose, after sorting out all my yarn this weekend, I'm nearly finished the cardigan I'm making. I'm planning to frog another I started as I just don't really like it at all. I have a plan for the yarn, though. It isn't these, either. This is the full extent of my hexapuff collection so far. I must get moving. Although, I'm only aiming for enough to make a cushion cover, I am only making slow progress.

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