Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Self-pity is over now, which is a relief for all concerned.

Feeling better, which is just as well as the snow is back.

It snowed on Sunday too. J and I went to B&Q for a new shower hose (does life get any more exciting than this?) and a guy walking across the car park ahead of us had a T shirt on. Northern and hard!
There was a couple of inches on the car and road this morning - traction control came on several times just driving down the road and I was very thankful for ABS at one roundabout. Made it in one piece, early enough to check that we weren't going to close the school. Some people panic and close at the slightest sign of the white stuff. Two weeks in schools in Alberta, however, have changed my perspective. We are really nesh, don't know we're born compared to some areas.

Good job we're Northern and hard at school too. Lots of our kids aren't well wrapped up and there are often little blue arms and legs around. The Boss doesn't really want to know how many school sweatshirts I've given away this year... Not quite the worst winter since 1963, as we were promised, but cold enough on the coast.

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