Thursday, April 13, 2006

Yarn and chocolate

I love the Easter holidays - they are probably my favourite holiday of the year, especially when they are late, as they are this year, and the weather blesses us. I love the shift towards spring, the changes in the garden, the brighter light levels and chocolate.

Will do some egg shopping later today. j has had his 'egg' already - a new fan to stop his graphics card (sorry, gpu) from overheating.
I was going to include a picture of him in this entry but apparently I'm not allowed to publish his photo on the interweb!

So, instead some other photos. This is what the Rubster is getting instead of an egg, along with some other pieces that the yarn was picked to match. She's not long been eating solids and I dare not buy chocolate in case I'm responsible for switching on her inevitable, Stewart-chocolate-loving gene and upsetting her parents. I have to have this finished to take to Rotherham on Monday.

I can buy her sister chocolate though! And J's grandchildren, and ME, I mean, US!

Other items on the needles: Shell top from
Classic Knits for Real Women , in Rowan's Calmer, in a dark purple colour which the photos aren't showing well at all. It's a lovely yarn to knit with and I hope it's going to be the first thing I have knitted that I can wear to work with a suit. Here's a detail of the heart motif around the border.

I'm trying to be better at photographing my knitted items as I go along and when they are finished. So here are a couple of finished objects. Firstly, a lace-weight scarf in handspun mohair. It's my first attempt at any kind of lace pattern and I really like the way it turned out.

And a closer shot.


Morandia said...

beautiful shawl!! what pattern is that? I love it!!

Morandia said...

beautiful shawl! What pattern is that? it's fantastic!!