Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Tank of calm

Sometimes I feel I could do with one of those to bathe in - floating in a tank of calm sounds like a really good way to spend an afternoon.
Having your nails done and then spending the afternoon watching harmless rubbish on TV while finishing a knitted object comes a good second.

Watched the televisual equivalent of OK! magazine - 100 Hollywood Secrets. Don't get much chance to watch daytime cable in my line of work, which is another reason I enjoy the Easter holidays so much. It's ok though, I'll be back at work before I'm tempted to stray towards Richard and Judy.

This is the tank top in Rowan Calmer, adapted from a pattern in Classic Knits for Real Women, hence the tortured title of this post. I really like it with the butterscotch amber and silver pendant, which was an early birthday gift from the boys.

Usually wear acrylic nails as my own are so poor as a consequence of fibro. The nail tech said, in response to my request for them to be done short, "No pork scratchings, then?" Laughed so much, it's a lovely image!

This is the kind of thing she meant:

This is what I got:


Anonymous said...

Love those nails! Beautiful manicure. My hands are all weathered and horrible. I have always admired beautiful hands and nails. That is something I always notice about people. Lovely knitting and fit for your top and Ruby is one lucky little baby to have you for an aunt! Sweet little sweater.

Virginia in Australia (AK)

renee said...

The tank looks so nice! I love Calmer yarn - I think I have some of that purple in my stash - maybe I'll have to copy you...

Susan said...

Love that tank. Nice color too!

Tropic-Knitter said...

Beautiful job on the tank. I especially love the heart trim at the bottom edge.

Dragonridermom said...

That tank looks wonderful. Nice knitting and fitting job.