Friday, April 21, 2006

The last weekend

Managed to get to the Teesside knitting group - Knit Happens - last night at Starbucks in Borders. Not many there because of the Easter holidays, but I was glad to be there. Drank a vente latte and cast on the first of my Jaywalker socks. It's my first sock that wasn't just rib or stocking stitch and I'm pleased to report that the stitch is easilly remembered (essential for a Knit Happens night)and I can see the shaping starting already.

I cast on a Shapely Tank this morning too. I love the way a garment can be shaped with short rows.

I'm making the most of the last few days of leisure before the Summer term begins and in anticpation of the Summer term have ordered patterns for the Crystal Cove Pullover and San Francisco Shirtails from Just One More Row.

Back to school on Monday, which is just as well, as I watched Ricki Lake today and 2 episodes of Victoria's Secrets! And I feel NO guilt. Well, maybe a little...okay, I feel dirty! But I do know how to dress if want to look like a Hoochie Momma. Reminded me of a Summer when I managed to get j to behave really well, by threatening him that I was going to buy a size 24 gold lame bikini and matching high heels to wear on our holidays. He was horrified/terrified and I probably traumatised him for life.

I do have a touch of school phobia at the moment. I always get like this as we approach the weekend before the start of a new term - don't tell any of the kids! On Monday, I will put on the suit, I will smile and deliver an assembly to the whole school about fresh starts and new opportunities and being glad to be back, and I'll mean it! But here, at home, in my cosy socks and jersey trousers I don't want to go.

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