Friday, April 14, 2006


Spent the morning with my oldest friend - actually, she might take badly to that as she is actually 6 weeks younger than me, but we have been friends for (say it quickly)38 years now! Caught up with gossip and news and ran through a mental maths test with j. Wow, we know how to party, don't we?

Delivered some Easter eggs after lunch and had a drive to the beach, where it was too crowded to park and get ice cream and the fish shop queues were down the street. A Good Friday thing or a Bank Holiday can't be bothered to cook thing? As wew were in Middlesbrough and needed to cross the Tees to get to Seaton Carew, we wen't across the Transporter Bridge, which always feels like stepping back in time. Guy beside us didn't put on the handbrake of his 4X4 and the force of the bridge's platform stopping sent him crashing into the safety barrier. We laughed.

In the garden it is truly springy today.

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