Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Seeing the wood

Feel as though several small, but annoying weights have been lifted from my shoulders as I have spent the afternoon catching up with organisational things like household paperwork, collecting prescriptions, posting parcels and responding to a safety recall notice on our elderly Fiat Punto.
I can acually see some wood at my end of the desk in the study.

The Punto recall is a bit worrying - corrosion of rigid metal brake pipes - and they can't do it for a couple of weeks, but I shouldn't worry too much as we have had Paolo for 10 years now and he's done 100000 miles or thereabouts without too many problems (except that nasty business of J blowing the engine up, but we don't talk about that...)
Found a usehul site where you can check if there have been any safety recalls on your car.

Drove down to see my brother and his family yesterday, in South Yorkshire. Well, J drove, j slept (having been up until 2am despite warnings of an early start) and I wound up a skein of Lorna's Laces in Motherlode.

It's going to become a pair of Jaywalker socks when I get the purple Calmer shell and the lime green one to follow that finished.

It was nice to see my brother and his family again, especially baby R, who modelled the sweater I finished at the weekend. It's a bit big yet, but looks lovely and soft and suits her gorgeous olive skin tone. She's as bright as a button, very amiable and, although I must confess to Auntish prejeudice, absolutely gorgeous.

What do you reckon, is it just me?

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