Sunday, February 25, 2007

No place like home

Can you believe I was too tired to take a holiday this week? It's the last evening of the half-term break and we were just reflecting on the fact that we normally take a week away at this time to recover from Christmas and winter in general. Last year we were here:

Krakow - a lovely city but the temperatures plunged my into a fibrohuddle for the rest of the month.

The year before we were here:

Lanzarote - Much nicer temperatures, but we've been there a lot and I think it will be a while before we want to go back.

This year I was just too tired to even plan a trip. Maybe at Easter.

We finally finished the kitchen. J laid an oak floor and it was complete.
Two views - it's an odd shape, so difficult to photograph.

The cooking end.

The eating end.


Lorna said...

Veeery nice kitchen. It looks like it was worth the wait, if not the plaster dust in the cereal.

Good Kharma Bunny said...

It's beautiful, congratulations on you new kitchen.
Alice x
(no longer a secret)

Barbara-Kay said...

The house looks first class - like one of the decorating shows on TV. Congratulations!

Hope you have the energy to enjoy it soon.

rho said...

Oh Wow the kitchen turned out fantastic - enjoy it for years to come. :D