Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Into every life a little rain must fall

but when?

The forecast keeps promising 3 days of rain to come, but it keeps being pushed back further and further. What was supposed to come and revitalise our garden on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday is now earmarked for Thursday onwards.

J is having to use the hosepipe.

Knitting content: I'm making good progress on my Mia shrug, but no more pictures until it's sewn up as one long rectangle looks much the same as the earlier picture.

Have you seen the latest Stitch Diva newsletter? I wasn't taken by their pattern for Sahara, but the photos of Jenifer Hansen's mum modelling it in cerise in the newsletter have converted me. It's on the to do list for Summer with short sleeves in a bright colour.

I must confess, no offense intended, that I'm a bit disappointed by the latest issue of Yarn Forward magazine, which arrived this week. The production is just a little odd - some of the diagrams have reproduced badly when resized and the garments are unseasonal and, frankly, unappealing. It seems poor value for money at GBP4.40 an issue (more than Interweave Knits?). Maybe things will pick up. I hope so...I have a subscription.


rho said...

I love love your pot with the flowers - it' is blue after all --

Barbara-Kay said...

What a beautiful planter. I always love your flower pictures because they frequently include either (a) flowers that can't tolerate the heat of the sub-tropics, or (b)flowers I've never seen before. Thanks!