Tuesday, May 08, 2007

No retreat, baby, no surrender.

Much discussion in the staffroom today about last night's Channel 5 documentary - the last in the wonderful Hidden Lives series: Obedient Wives. Put your hand up if you think becoming a Surrendered Wife would improve your marriage. Not me. Nor any of my colleagues.
We don't want our men to:
choose our clothes and hairstyles,
make all the decisions,
control our money,
expect us to do all the household chores,
expect us to be 'available' for sex at least once a week regardless of how we feel about it
and to keep our mouths shut whenever we feel a challenging or disagreeing thought surfacing.

I watched it with J and j. Afterwards I said "I'll just pop into the kitchen and make tomorrow's packed lunches while you put my clothes out for work in the morning..."
Much hilarity all round.

On your bike Laura Doyle.

1 comment:

rho said...

sure sounds like a master/slave relationship to me - not a marriage --

The one wife is undergoing intense training to do this right -- ?&^*%(#)%%*$##(@)@($*%&%&%$*

Does that show my opinion on that ;)