Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Boxing Day

Boxing Day and I'm setting aside a little time to catch up here.(I don't blog anything like as often as I should or would like to. I spend time on Ravelry organising my knitting and the rest of my online leisure time working on my family tree,making the most of the Ancestry subscription that came with Family Tree Maker.)

The boys are killing Nazi Zombies (you couldn't make it up) and I've just put some jacket potatoes, a favourite comfort food, in the oven.

It's been a quiet Christmas, excepting the sound of Call of Duty 5 gunfire and coughing. j and I have had lurgy and J has come close a couple of times only to have it subside at the last moment. I'm a bit peeved as I had a 'flu jab at Asda. J qualified for one from our GP. Mine must have been a second rate, 'value' jab.

Our Christmas goody shopping included stocks of paracetamol, Sudafed (day and night)and soft, mansize balm-impregnated tissues. The epidemic of lurgy has made the news quite regularly lately. It's made watching the last couple of episodes of Survivors a bit uncomfortable, I must admit.

We wrapped up and headed out to the beach this morning, but forgot about the Hartlepool Lions Club Boxing Day Dip. We couldn't get a parking spot and the roads were madness, so we turned around and headed back home for a warm spot on the sofa and a spectacular losing streak on the Boxing Day racing.

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Cinders said...

Hi, how are you? Happy belated Christmas for yesterday and happy new year.