Sunday, December 28, 2008

A little whinge, just ignore me.

I'm more than a little weary of this cough now. I'd like it to go away thanks. Don't have any energy for anything. I had planned lots of bracing walks by the sea during this holiday, but I just feel so tired and my chest and shoulders ache all the time. Neither J nor I sleep for more than two hours at a time at night because of it.
I'm not allowed to moan about it at home without someoneelse chiming in with a competetive set of symptoms, so I'm just getting rid of the whinging here. Ignore me, please.

1 comment:

rho said...

my dh gave it to me so i know what you mean -- he is on the tail end of it -- wish i were -- i sound like a big dog barking -- anyway you atre not whinging in MY opinion