Thursday, January 01, 2009

Welcome 2009

Happy New Year!

Like many people, we had a quiet night at home last night. Even j stayed in with us and then found most of his friends online just after midnight, so even the young were staying home.

If I could have been anywhere, I would have been at the Elton John Red Piano party at the O2. We watched bits of it on TV this morning and the £675 ticket experience, including being able to go onstage and gather around the piano, looked great. Lots of the party-goers were older than us and I saw some lovely sparkly cardis. Kate Thornton summed it up when she commented on how civilised it was that the ladies took their handbags with them when they 'invaded' the stage. 60 is definitely the new 40 and long may it remain.

It's freezing here - minus 2 degrees, according to the car sensor. J and I went for a walk round the marina this morning, but my nose started to freeze up so we came home for lattes. I cast on my third item for the Great Stash Down of 2009. I'm counting these two baby kimonos, finished off on New Year's Eve.

They are for the baby daughter of a colleague. The baby is due on January 15th, so I'm uncharacteristically ahead of myself. I will add some embellishment to the pink one and make some hats and booties to go with them.

My latest cast on is this cardigan. It will eat up all the bulky yarn in my stash and leave almost a whole storeage box empty.

You may have worked out, by now, that I have resolved to reduce my stash this year. It's part of a general thriftiness that I am trying to adopt. I am ashamed of the amount of food I throw away each week, uncooked. We eat too many processed and ready made things too. I am aiming to make some gradual changes to all of this waste. I will be very trendy too. Thrifty is the new black.

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Emma said...

Happy New Year !

Wishing you and yours love, much happiness and good health.