Friday, January 02, 2009

Knitting up the miles

As I mentioned, I'm trying to reduce my stash this year. Yesterday I dug some yarn out from one of the storeage boxes in the wardrobe. It was at the bottom, naturally. I'd almost forgotten about it, which means I need to look my stash in the eye rather more often.

Anyway, thanks to the technical features of Ravelry, I was able to work out, this morning over a cup of tea, how much yarn I got through in 2008.

13259.6m or 13.26km. For those of us who still speak in old money, that's 14500.87 yards or 8 and a quarter miles of yarn knitted up in 2008. I'm quietly impressed with myself.

If I can manage a similar yardage this year and avoid adding significantly to the stash (you will notice I don't say 'knit only from stash'...)it should chip away at it.

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Craftyfox said...

Wow! I have some pink/purple of that in my stash too!