Sunday, February 01, 2009

I'm nithered

from this morning's walk in the snow down at the Tees estuary. And I had my vest on. (English vest, not American vest).

My right ear is still tingling. I really need to make a hat with better ear protection. (As if I need an excuse, but anyway...) The car told us it was 3 degrees as we drove away, but there was no way on earth that reflected the wind-chill factor down there. I was really thankful of my cowl. J says he'll have one for tucking his chin into, but he can't stand polo necks so I'm not sure how I'll make that work.

We seem to have quite a colony of curlews down there now. We saw at least ten, this morning, pottering around in the grass. Also saw some birds I think may be smew but, according to my bird book, it's unlikely, this far north.

J wasn't bothered by the cold. Nothing gets through his Irwin.


rho said...

ok - I have to ask English Vest vs American Vest????

ravelling said...


American vest is worn over layers of clothes. Here we call them waistcoats. English vest is worn under clothes next to skin and checked regulary by mothers well into your teens ("Have you got your vest on under that?").