Saturday, February 28, 2009

Where did February go?

I can't believe it's the end of the month already! Where did it go?

My month was swallowed up by work and illness, I'm afraid. My half-term holiday brought a chest infection, sinus infection, minor gynae surgery and pleurisy - which I thought was a medieval, or Victorian at the latest, disease. Alas, it's alive and well and living on Teesside.

I recovered enough to go back to work at the start of the new half term...

J and I visited the newly opened RSPB bird sanctuary at Saltholme. It looks like it will be really wonderful in a year, when all the walks are open and the landscaping naturalises a bit more. It's amazing how quickly things start to look like they have been growing there for ever.

These two certainly approve and are voting with their flippers.

Some very sad news: my new nephew died before his birth. My brother and his wife are devastated, naturally.

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Emma said...

So sad to read of your family's loss.
Please accept my apologies.
You're having a hard year so far. Hope it gets better from now on.
Will you e-mail me your address ? I have a small something to post to you.