Sunday, July 12, 2009


Now, this isn't a word you would normally find in my vocabulary, but we bought a wii console with wii fit this weekend.

I'm totally addicted - and quite good at hoola-hooping, I must say. I do have the hips for it!

Did half an hour yesterday and again today on the wii fit and we've been bowling and playing tennis this afternoon - great fun and we're not sitting down.

My wii fit age is, apparently, 56. I need to lose 10 years.

What progress on the knitting front?

Well. It's difficult at the moment. I have had little time and I keep falling asleep at 8pm on the sofa. Furthermore, I don'twant to knit any more garments for me until my weight stabilises. I'm already going to have to pull out my Hey Teach from last summer as a combination of weight loss and the cotton stretching has made it too big now.

Consequently, I've been sticking to non-garments. This mass of green malabrigo sock (lettuce colourway) is going to be a Forest Canopy Shoulder Shawl or scarf. Note the lifeline. Falling asleep with knitting needles in hand is, for me, incompatible with lace knitting. I've frogged this three times already, but I'm determined to finish a lace shawly thing this summer.

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