Saturday, July 18, 2009

School's Out!

First day of freedom :)

Woke up at the same time, but it doesn't matter. I'm technically on holiday for six and a half weeks. Don't consider the three boxes of work I've brought home with me or the fact that I will actually be going in next week - the holidays have started. Just as well, it's been a fairly difficult week and I'm exhausted.

Last night I cast on a celebratory sock and got to the fifth line of the pattern before my brain became so foggy that I just couldn't make sense of it, lost the ability to count where I was up to and had to put it down. Simple lace pattern, too.

He's still here. Every morning I came down to this sight from the kitchen window.

J is less enchanted than he was initially. The lawn is covered with divots as Tufty, here, rips up the top of the turf, pushes his haul underneath and pats it back down again. If these seeds germinate we will have a sunflower plantation next year. Still, he's lovely to watch.

I've bought this to inspire me over the summer.

I'd like to figure out how to make a Zig Zag vest without having to buy the kit for $170.

What I would really like to do, this summer, is learn how to spin.

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Rushton said...

Those vests are lovely! Mitered squares and a light felting is what it looks like to me.
Enjoy your holiday. Here in the American South, the weather has been nearly perfect all summer - soon to be followed by near hadean temperatures when we start back to school in ten days!