Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What I did on my holidays

It's half term! Yay!

I mamaged to get a cold on the Thursday before we broke up. Perfect timing, but at least I can vegetate at home.

Saturday we went to South Yorkshire to see my new nephew, who is just perfect. So sweet. I hope the cold that he already had was the same strain as the one I have and it doesn't cause him any more problems.

Sunday we went to Gisborough Hall for my nephew, Stephen's wedding to Charlotte. Nice wedding, freezing cold venue.

Yesterday I had a slight hangover/dehydration/cold thing going on, so worked through it, exercised and stayed hydrated. Went to Dalton Park with j, in a fruitless search for the perfect sweatshirt.

Today I saw my orthopaedic surgeon. Apparently I have Kienbock's Disease and need an operation to revascularise my lunate bone.

I've asked if it can wait a bit as I now have a prior surgical engagement. I have a date for my RNY, on 30th March. So excited! A bit worried.

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