Sunday, February 21, 2010

More snow!

So fed up of the cold weather and snow! We seem to be having more than Vancouver. Speaking of which, how good is Amy Williams' gold?!

I'm enjoying the coverage of the Winter Olympics, but am annoyed that I can't take part in the 2010 Knitting Olympics. I still can't knit at all and I'm not sure when I will be able to in the future. It's quite odd, really as it was always a daily part of my life.

As an antidote to the miserable weather, a friend and I hit the shops this morning in search of colours and styles to lift our mood. Actually, we did manage to find some in the Per Una department in M&S. Lots of cerise and navy and purple and dove grey. Great colours and styles. Looking forward to needing to buy some more clothes in smaller sizes.

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iwishiwas said...

Yes, I'm so sick of the weather, at least I can knit again now my cast is off. I'm keeping my eye on the signs of spring in the garden to keep me positive.