Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Balanced energy or closed mind?

Have I mentioned my Monday night evening class? A friend and I are doing An Introduction to Holistic Therapies. It's a taster course to help us decide which therapy we might want to pursue in greater depth. So far, we've tried aromatherapy, Indian head massage, basic massage techniques and decluttering our lives (actually, I missed that one as my life was so cluttered by the threat of Ofsted that I couldn't get there in time).

I've enjoyed all the massage-related sessions and have really felt positive effects, both as giver and recipient, but I'm struggling with the 'Energy Therapies'. As you might be able to tell by the use of inverted commas.

Last night we were introduced to Colour Therapy. Hmmm. It started badly. Our tutor put down a crystal angel ornament on a pulsating, flashing coloured light source and turned the lights off. I started to laugh to myself. Couldn't look at the people I sit with as I could detect shuddering shoulders and supressed hysteria all round.

'Look, I'm sorry, but you're going to have to turn that off! It's like being in some kind of mystical Studio 54 - almost as bad as the whale music from week one!' K again. I've mentioned her complaining before.

The laughter just errupted from there. The tutor knew she'd lost us.

Sometimes I feel like I'm living in an Alan Bennett play.

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