Saturday, March 12, 2011

She shoots, she scores!

Today I reached my target weight.

I got weighed this morning and realised I’d shifted those last couple of pounds and met my target. My BMI is now officially ‘normal’!

While I do feel a real sense of achievement, I’m also surprisingly nervous. I guess it’s because I have focussed on my fat all my life and then became totally absorbed by the wls. First it was worrying about being fat and wanting the surgery, then it was surviving the surgery, then losing weight and working towards my target.

Now I’m here and I’m going to have to start thinking differently.


frushton said...

You look absolutely amazing. Like... cashmere. Amazingly strong, but lovely and soft all at once.

Alix said...

you look fab. However, in the Mullerlight balnce of the universe scheme of things, I do think my extra weight might just be what's keeping the planets in line!!!!
yep, still up

Grace said...

ooh you are such an inspiration, you look fabulous, I too am on the quest!!!! Go Us!!!

Anonymous said...