Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring distraction

My Easter break started a day earlier than planned, as I seem to have done something to my neck. Bearing in my mind that I'm far from a wuss and usually have a high tolerance of pain - it was so bad last night that I was convinced I was developing meningitis again or (at the least) having a brain stem bleed. j has seen all those FAST adverts and kept 'discretely' asking me to squeeze his hand and look into his eyes. I don't think the tingling in my left arm or the blacking out in the bathroom when I tried to look up into the mirror helped things much.

Anyway, a call to the emergency on-call service seemed to rule out stroke and suggested torticollis, which sounds a friendly little disorder. The on-call dr recommended anti-inflamatories (which I can't take, having little stomach) and a hot water bottle (which we last saw in the early '90s). J and j were all set to find an all night hot water bottle emporium when I gave in and agreed to have something with codeine in it. Me and codeine are a bad mix normally, but it did take the edge off enough for me to sleep a little, wedged upright with 4 pillows.

This morning, I was so stoned and still in pain that I couldn't go to work. i think I left a coherent message on the answering machine, but who knows. I did manage to make coffee.

My own GP agreed with the diagnosis and gave me some diazepam to relieve the muscle spasm for a few days. Consequently, I've spent most of today in pain, alseep or spaced out on top of my newly acquired hot water bottle.

No doubt, when I come around again sufficiently, this lovely warm spell will be gone, but I'm taking my mind off things by loading some spring pictures from earlier in the week.

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