Friday, August 16, 2013

Better begins

We just got back from a holiday and the house is more chaotic than usual. I can't seem to shake the jet lag. I feel unfit, unrested and unsettled.

I know that the piles of laundry will recede eventually, but I'm haunted by the fact that, although more than two weeks' worth of our clothes are on the kitchen floor, our wardrobes are still overflowing and that doesn't even take into account my winter clothing which is boxed up and in the room.

I feel overwhelmed. Actually ashamed and a bit sick.

I have enjoyed wearing outfits made up from the contents of my suitcase. It was simpler to put things together as I had packed things that would all work with each other in different combinations. The items that came with me were my favourites. Admittedly, I didn't need any businesswear with me, but we travelled from cool to scorching climes and went from burger bars to swanky casinos with everything in between. I coped, I was comfortable, I looked good.

There's a lesson here. I decided to simplify my wardrobe.

I have been quite ruthless. Things that only got worn occasionally, things that don't flatter, things that don't work with other things, things that I put on and then take off again have all been removed. The others joined me too. They had lots of things that no longer fit or fit into their lives.

2013-08-23 17.23.00

We listed some things on eBay, we bagged up other things and took them to our local charity shop and we put the unsalvageable things in the rag recycling bin at the recycling centre.


I have room in my wardrobe and it feels like I have a little more room in my head. The trick is going to be keeping it like that.

Useful tip for overcrowded wardrobes:

Make a loop of string, strong wool or ribbon, slip over one hanger and hang another from it. Varying the height of items in your wardrobe makes things much less crowded.


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