Saturday, September 23, 2006

Long time... blog.

Start of term hasn't left much time for reflecting on my days in the blog. I've missed it. I enjoy this space. I've also missed reading other blogs too.

How have I been spending my time? Well, I've been refining my knowledge of and skills in the Foundation Stage for some of the time. Children aged 3-5 - terrifying stuff! I'm much happier in the cut, thrust and debate of working with challenging 11 year olds. Still, it's another set of skills.

I've also been applying for Headships and a Deputy post in a(n even) bigger school. After having decided to leave it for a year, several posts that look ok came up surprising early. Early days yet; I'll keep you posted.

My 'baby' had his 15th birthday. Where did all the time and my waistline go? I'm not allowed to post a new picture of him, but this was the cake we had to celebrate. It's hard to wrap a new CPU and graphics card and keep it for the special day. What happened to tubs of Duplo and bits of Brio train sets? I'm getting old.

I have been knitting: nearly finished my International Scarf Exchange scarf. I'm very happy with its snuggliness and the shading of the yarn copes surprising well with the cable design I chose. I had thought it might be a bit busy, but I think it works. Hope my exchange pal does too. Pictures when I finish the trim.

After an odd start I got my SockWars sock underway this morning. I hate knitting socks with the thicker yarn and bigger needles, but I quite like the rib pattern. I'm in two minds about the process though. Reading the forum, it looks like some people are knitting with yarn I wouldn't want socks in. I'm not talking about colour, but some posters have mentioned 'yucky' acrylics etc. I don't really think that's fair. I'm using two strands of thinner, handpainted wool to get gauge. This is it after establishing the rib pattern. Not a brilliant representation of the colour, nicer in the flesh. I want the person who ends up with these socks to want to wear them, not throw them away.

Here's hoping we all get socks we like.
The garden is getting overblown and a bit battered by the variations in weather we've been having. The cannas are great value for money and effort as they inject a bit of the exotic into Autumn.

This one has amazing flowers and great foliage colour.


Emma said...

If anyone sends me acrylic socks I shall be rude ! Can't say I'm enjoying the d.k. sock experience. Some people have already finished ! They need to get a life !

Battle on.

rho said...

That cake looks yummy -- lucky son.

And I love the socks they look like it will be a fun pair to wear - I love the colors.