Sunday, November 19, 2006

A quiet weekend

to recover from a manic week.

We had Bingo Night at school on Wednesday. I've never played Bingo in my life, you understand, but someone has to be there to lock up at the end. Our parents take their bingo very seriously. A table full of my colleagues were hissed and shushed and given the evil eye for chatting as they played.
Then we had Dress Down Day for Children in Need on Friday.

I've spent most of the week looking at data and watching figures swim together on spreadsheets. I really like data and numbers, but I think I need to face up to the fact that I'm moving towards varifocal specs or something. My eyesight is changing. I'm still short-sighted but now can't see properly to read or knit close up. Bugger this getting old lark!

As an antidote to getting old I have got down wid da kids and have become addicted to Linerider. Try it. Then look it up on You Tube to see how seriously some people take it.

Finished the Curly Wurly scarf. Not sure it's the right choice for my niece, but I like it. I'll probably end up keeping it :) and making her something else. I have some legwarmers and a matching fluffy scarf in mind. Actually, I wore it to TGI Fridays this evening and will have to keep it as it may have fajita particles on it.

Perfect scarf-wearing weather - cool and crispy this morning. I've had to scrape ice from the car twice this week and the heater coil comes on before I start the engine now.
My bargain acer (99p in Woolworths, slightly bent, 4 years ago) is obliging me with the Autumn colour I saw in Yorkshire last weekend.

J has put the plastic sheets up that turn our deck into an emergency shelter for our tender plants over the winter - no room for people any more.

One group of agave babies huddled together for warmth and company.

A knitting disaster this week: used some handspun I got at Danby Show to knit a bowl for felting. Problem - it will not felt! I've had it in the machine at 90 degrees with extra boiling water... twice. Admittedly, it's slightly smaller than when I started, but nothing like I anticipated. You can guarantee that, had I made a garment from this yarn and it had accidentally been put in the wash (like my Jaywalker socks, just by way of example) it would have felted like nobody's business. I'll try it again tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow.

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Barbara-Kay said...

Oh, go for the new "specs". They make a world of difference in your life. The new "no line" bifocalrs (did you call them varilenses?) are undetectable by others, and make your vision like a kid again.