Saturday, November 04, 2006

Under seige

Today is day two of what has turned into a three day Guy Fawkes Night in our town. It feels a bit like being under seige and the garden is full of things like this that have dropped from the sky.

The fireworks started weeks ago as they started to go on sale. Last night there were quite a number of displays around, but tonight, despite being only the 4th is likely to be the big night. I actually quite like them, but last year was very unpleasant as there is a guy who lives out the back of us who buys what can only be commercial display fireworks, which are far too big to be let off in the middle of a residential area. Red hot debris rained down on our houses, garden and cars for hours. One of our cars ended up with small burns in the lacquer on the roof so J was really, really angry. We have a new car this year so he's off to park it somewhere else tonight.

Knitting progress: not much - I'm into the second Road to Socialism sock. Pictures when I'm finished.

Stash accumulation:

Lorna's Laces Shepherd's Worsted for a Curly Wurly scarf for my neice L.

Wendy Bamboo (because I'm too mean to buy enough Big Wool for an experiment) for a jacket for me.

Couple of balls of mystery mohair for scarves.

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Emma said...

It's a bit like the Somme here ! It seems to get worse each year.
Lots of fab yarn to ejoy knitting.