Friday, October 27, 2006

Socks and statistics

A slow day, with very little energy available on my part. A trip out for coffee and I'm flattened. The lowering temperatures and the expenditure of a lot of physical and emotional energy recently has left me feeling like a fibro flare might be starting. Need to see if I can catch it in time and gather myself back together in time to go back to work on Monday. My thoughts go out to fibromites in colder climes who are suffering more already. I hate this aspect of the colder weather but love the sweaters, scarves and boots bit.

More socks. These are J's Opal boot socks; made specifically to go under a pair of leather and goretex tactics boots he wears when the weather or terrain gets difficult. The long leg length balances the size 12 feet and belies the scale of these beauties :)

This is the start of my Opal Hundertwasser socks - The Road to Socialism. Great yarn name, very apt for socks. I'll have to find a march to wear them on. I'm enjoying the colours but the printed yarn is rough on the fingers so I hope it softens up and blooms a little when I wash them.

This is the yarn for my next Hundertwasser project.


My brother told me about an interesting website yesterday. Up My Street gives you demographic information relating to postcode areas in the UK. I looked ours up to find that people in our area have a high chance of being educated to degree level, a medium chance of having satellite TV and a low level of interest in current affairs. Apparently we also have low useage of credit cards, are likely to take our holidays in the mediterranean and be interested in DIY. Hmmm.

More statistics:
LogoThere are:
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

I knew my Christian name was a bit old fashioned now, but there are only 8999 'Gillian's in the states, apparently. Wonder how many in the UK.

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rho said...

Hehehe I got 0 in US with my name too -- which is hysterical since I live in the states so it should at least show 1... my first name is pretty rare - there are 20,000 in the whole of the US

I feel for you with the flare -- are you like me though - the change of season makes me hurt but once the weather has changed to cold completely I am pretty good - but the holiday stress gets me big time. So from just before Thanksgiving thru the beginning of January I am in a bad way. Be good to yourself this weekend and hopefully you will be somewhat pain free by work.