Sunday, October 15, 2006

Wishing the days away

I've found out who I will be spoiling in SP9. Without giving too much away, she's in England too, which is different from previous exchanges, but easier on postage.

I've also heard from my SockWars assassin. She is 'dead', but had already posted my socks to me. I posted my socks off to my victim some time ago, but haven't heard anything back. So I don't know where I stand at the moment. It has all been a bit confusing. I don't think I'll enter any more tournaments that rely so heavilly on the speed of postage.

I'm really looking forward to next weekend. By then tomorrow's interview will be in the past and I can breathe and plan (and sleep!) again (feel like I'm in hiatus at the moment), the awful sore throat and runny nose I have currently will have cleared up (keep telling myself it takes 5 days regardless of what you do), I will be starting a week's holiday as it will be half term and we will be about to head off to Northumbria for a few days on the Berwick coast.


LornaJay said...

IF you fancy a lovely drive, pop over inland to Jedburgh and stop in at the Spread Eagle (on the High St).

I'll be away Monday night & Tuesday until late, but otherwise I'll be there....

Terri said...

Be well, and good luck on your interview. Happy knitting.

Anonymous said...

Dear pal,
Sorry your feeling under the weather.
Good luck for tomorrow.
me x

Gill said...

Thank you for all the good wishes.

We may well do that Lorna :)

tangelled angel said...


Hope the interview went well!

Your previous secre pal!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Gill,
Hope you got on alright,
Just put a little something in the post for you.
me x