Tuesday, October 10, 2006


I read today, on the council website, that a date has been set for consideration of Able UK's request for permission to go ahead with decommisioning and scrapping the 'ghost ships' they brought from the US. I have no doubt that the project will proceed. After all, we already have a nuclear powerstation beside a petrochemical plant and one of the largest chemical processing areas in Europe. What difference will one more pile if crap make to our lives?

We pass them every time we drive down to the beach, on the way to watch the seals and the visiting birdlife on Seal Sands. We just don't need this.

The knitting content:

Still don't know whether my socks have arrived at my SockWars target.

Have decided that I am in love! I may never knit socks again with anything other than Socks That Rock from Blue Moon Fibre Arts. It is gorgeous to handle and the colour merges are beautiful. Thank you again Michelle (who needs to start a blog so I can link to her)!

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Michelle Ossiander said...

Sorry about the blog, but I am glad that you like the yarn.