Thursday, October 19, 2006

Dark Stars

Driving to work this morning felt very wintery. The skies got darker and darker as we headed down into Hartlepool. A very wet day meant my class of three years olds were confined to barracks and a bit stir crazy. We made alien cakes with liquorice tentacles, painted our space models and went moon walking. Guess what this week's theme is!

We have a training day tomorrow and then a week's holiday followed by another training day on Halloween.

Surprise package from my SP9 pal today - Halloween goodies. Very nice, thank you. :) Love the purple and orange spiders. The beads are perfect as I was looking only last night at some patterns for gloves with beading on the cuffs and the backs of the hands. I might have a go at them over half term.
Thank you for this package. It cheered me up no end!

I also got this spoon pin from a friend who also has fibromyalgia.

I imagine most people have heard the spoons theory by now, but just in case go to But You Don't Look Sick. There are many days when I would appreciate another spoon.

I heard that my International Scarf Exchange scarf arrived safely with Laura(go visit to see her wonderful pumpkin striped socks). I wouldn't wish freezing winters on anyone, but I do hope she maybe gets one or two days when it's cold enough to wear it in Alabama.

I'm off to vegetate in front of the TV and finish my second Socks that Rock sock.


LornaJay said...


I hadn't heard the spoons theory, and very much appreciate the link.


rho said...

In all my years with Fibro I had never heard that story - although I totally understand what she was saying -- thanks for that link - You know I saved it.

Right now I am going thru the thought process of what can I do today - have been invited to a friends for dinner tonight - it is 3 towns over and it is a night drive, the weather is supposed to get really bad, I have to go to the dentist in an hour, my house is a mess, I need to go shopping then I have to plan something for hubby to throw together for his dinner - and we really should go get a load of wood in case this weather coming makes for electric outages (looking like very good possibility) Can you tell I already feel like crying today with frustration and that I am trying to figure out how to spend my spoons... And I have already started the Nov. thru Jan colds, flu, bronchitis cycle that seems to happen. AND I used too many spoons last night dealing with MIL who has dementia and had fallen and was fighting with her caregiver and in a rage - and I didn't sleep last night worth a damn.. in fact I couldn't get comfortable so at 2 I was up in my chair and cat napped until 7 am

thanks for the chance to vent a bit on this -but that spoon theory hit home big time can you tell... and how many things on that list do you think will actually get done?

rho said...

just a quick note to add -- It is a half hour later than my last post - I got up and got ready to go to the dentist - and I think I might have 3 spoons left - I am exhausted, hurting and planning on coming home from the dentist and hitting the bed for an hour or two to hopefully be able to keep those spoons to be able to go out to have some fun with my friends and celebrate one being a brand new grandmother of twins. I've been denying this flare for about 2 weeks and pushing that envelope but I think if I want to make the Knitters Review Retreat and be able to enjoy it I have to admit to the flare and be good to me for a couple of weeks - sound like a plan??