Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Stupid stupid stupid

I'm really tired this week. Not sleeping very well due to work-related things whizzing around in my head as soon as I start to surface. We're having some people issues at work that need sorting really quickly and take up such a lot of my time at the moment. I've also done a rather foolish thing and stuck my head above the parapet. I applied for a job I don't think I really want just to see if would get an interview for a post at that level (above where I am now) and well, you can guess the rest, I have an interview on Monday. So I'm a bit stressed about that.

This cheered me up.

Frog Tree handpainted fingering weight alpaca. Mmmm. Nice.


Barbara-Kay said...

Go to the interview with the attitude that it should be a pleasure to meet and get to talk with this person. After all, it doesn't really matter if you truly don't want the job. (I've found that will just about guarantee you'll be hired!) Best wishes!

LornaJay said...

Best of luck with the interview!

Am I right in thinking that the Ghost ships debacle has been vetoed by the council? If so, well done the campaigners!

froukje said...

Well: I don't know you, and you don't know me, but I stumbled on your blog and well: your post was so familiar to me !
I understand your state of mind: seemes like exactly the one I´m in now....So (as I am tossing and turning in my own situation) I wish you all the luck getting a new job: you were not crazy when you applied for it: You exactly know that for this job you are the right woman. So go for it!

Gill said...

Thanks for the support!