Tuesday, December 26, 2006

"Are you still awake?"

Do you remember that feeling? You just sink into sleep on Christmas Eve and then a little voice wakes you up.."He's been, he's been!"
We had a flashback of that on Christmas Eve. "Mum, Dad..." Stage whisper from landing..."You remember when you got cross with me for not waking you up when there was that explosion...?" We were instantly awake. No explosion this time, but glowing orange skies from the direction of Seal Sands petrochemical complex. No sirens, no explosions but it stayed there for hours. J speculates it was from the flare stacks , but we're all very suspicious these days.


I finished my Christmas knitting - socks for my brother in Opal's Hundertwasser.

We had a quiet, chilled Christmas Day - just the three of us in the morning, but lots of phone calls and an afternoon visitor - one of J's oldest friends from Malvern. It's funny to listen to the conversation and realise how reactionary and middle aged we've all become at times.

Some wooly goodies:

Cherry Tree sock yarn from j - chosen by me :).

Yarn for felting from my SP9 Secret Pal

and a close up of some linen yarn she dyed herself.

Most unusual gift received this year - a wooden candle holder, although that description doesn't really seem adequate, from our friends B & M. B made it from a slab of oak with its bark left on. He makes some lovely wooden objects - mostly turned, so this is a bit different.

Mmmmm.....teatime...one of the things I like best about Boxing Day is cold turkey with pickles and salad or bubble and squeak.

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rho said...

That's called bubble and squeak? Cool - I love it - but it was just heated up leftovers - it sounds much better called that :D

So you didn't hear anything of what the orange sky was - hmmm set your alarm to get up and see if it is like that tonight hehehe

Cool presents you got - I love the fibery stuff of course but the candle holder - is super - I have a clock that could look good with it that my aunt bought me years ago - knowing how much I love woood.