Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Catching a few quiet moments.

There's something about the middle of the night that blows everything out of proportion. Things that seemed terrifying and unsurpassable at 4am this morning have now passed into their true perspective. There's nothing really bothering me, but I woke in tears with a real sense of persecution and fear. Yet again, I give thanks for a comfy sofa, a warm, soft throw and a book. It's the fibro, I think, and, if I'm really honest, too many chocolates while watching Johnny Depp on DVD. It's not that Johnny Depp usually gives me nightmares, so I guess it must be the chocolate and the fibro. Go figure.

J's gone into work today - one of the downsides of working for yourself, really. I, however, as an employee of a Local Authority, am sitting in the study with a Whittards' Christmas Coffee latte and I'm listening to the chatter of birds in the garden and the gentle rhythmical breathing of my still sleeping son. (He's not at school either and is therefore nocturnal again) It's very relaxing and the only thought disturbing me now is that if I can hear the birds j must have his bedroom window wide open and we must be sending pounds worth of fuel energy straight out into the cold.

I am not venturing to the sales this week. There is actually very little that I want, which is lovely. So it isn't worth all the aggravation for gratuitous spending.
I would like to buy some quilting fabric from a local craft shop, but it won't be on sale and I'm not planning on starting the quilt just yet. It will be my first. I fell in love with the range and diversity of fabrics when I saw them in the store, but put them out of my head remembering the misery of helping my nana piece triangles for one of the quilts she made in the 70s. Her technique was great, but she had a great fondness for crimpelene and lurex... she also liked rikrak braid, but that's another traumatic story from my childhood...

Anyway, having overcome the flashbacks, this is the pattern I have bought. It's called I love my cat. Maybe J will take the hint. (We've been at loggerheads over the concept of a new cat for some time now...) Not sure what colours to choose yet, but it's quite exciting. It will have to wait its turn though. I plan to use up some stash on throws and a waistcoat for me, among other things.

Am I the last person in the web to catch onto Weffriddles? It's addictive.


rho said...

I think you are right on the fibro aspect of the night feelings - and I have found that getting up and reading or doing something on the computer helps at those times for me.

Weffriddles -- I started before the holiday and made it to level 13 and decided to wait to play until after New Years (then after our trip to Florida) since I was spending every waking moment thinking about it. How far did you get??? I know I will have more problems as people have said a lot of the clues become more game related and I am not a gamer....

Anonymous said...

Fibro is so disturbing to sleep patterns that it makes you start having some really uncharacteristic fears. I'm glad you were able to calm yourself down and snuggle up with a book that was fun.

I'll have to try those Weffriddles. I got hooked on Spider solitaire and free cell for late at night.