Thursday, December 28, 2006

Under construction

Kitchen cabinets arrived today, flat-packed but still seem to take up an inordinate amount of space. I've stacked them in what used to be the dining room with the cabinet doors, a freezer, wooden flooring and bags of plaster that will be become the dining part of our new open plan kitchen and dining room. J plans to make a start next week, if he gets his current job finished by the weekend. Unfortunately, he needs to skim the walls and then paper and paint them first, so everything will have to come out once again. I've been looking at paint charts for days. I know that I want a creamy colour on the walls, but we have a chimney breast wall I would like doing in an accent colour that will best display a new painting we bought of Robin Hood's Bay.

I keep being drawn to a deep aubergine colour in a velvet matte, but I think that will be too dark for the painting and we'll probably do it a rich terracotta shade.


Clapotis? I must be the only person in the knitting world who hasn't made one.


Grace Yaskovic said...

AHhh I too am Clapotis less, I have the pattern printed changed the yarn a 1000 times but still no scarf. I love the color of yours

rho said...

You must keep me up to date on the kitchen stuff -- that is next on my things of must do in my home too --in fact the cabinets are coming off the wall all by themselves....

Gill said...

Hi Grace - I can identify with the process, but I think 2007 might actually be the year I get Clapotis done :)

Hi Rho - our kitchen is not so much dated as miniscule, but just having taken the wall out gives us so much more space.