Sunday, June 24, 2007

Raindrops on roses

Wish you could smell these!

The garden is loving this warm, wet, wet, wet weather we're having. Everything looks clean and green. Some of the towns around here are suffering a bit though. We drove back from a conference at Hallgarth Hotel on Friday, through axle-deep water on some of the main roads. 15 miles away, at home, everything was dry. We were driving back early, as a lightning strike had knocked the power out and it's kind of pointless having an IT conference without power...

Of course it's raining. It's Glastonbury! It's been years since we went to a festival. Used to go all the time. Too old and crippled for camping now :) Intolerant of mud, crowds, lentil curries and insanitary toliets. Don't do drugs or drink. We'll watch the highlights on Sky Plus. It's official - we're middle aged!

On the knitting front: I'm learning to love Krista. I bought her an aubergine camisole and pair of linen trousers to sit on top of - and I'm much happier about her.

On the needles:

This is going to be another Shapely Tank or Tee (haven't decided yet). I love the sheen of this mercerised cotton.

Garden roundup:

Giant Aliums

J bought 4 old brass jam pans and planted them up with annuals

Green vortex in the centre of one of the tree ferns

Note to our resident blackbird: these are mine!


rho said...

Oh Krista looks fantastic with the cami under it -

And your garden has me in awe as usual - they put in the irrigation pipes yesterday - so hopefully soon I will have grass again at least :D

rho said...

did you hear about the new drug just approved in US for fibro -- I have the fibro newsletter that I just got that I can send you if you can figure a way for me to get your email addy.....