Sunday, June 17, 2007


Oh dear, it's been a while, hasn't it?

My excuses: school reports - some to write, then about 400 to read through and sign; other problematic and general Summer term things at school; the need to help j revise for some exams; lots of paperwork relating to J's business and a bit of a Fibromalarkey flare leaving me no energy to do much beyond work, the essentials at home and sleep.

Roll on the Summer hols. We have no plans to go away, as J's business is always very busy in the Summer months, but I plan lots of relaxation, some knitting and a pile of books.

I finished Krista and I hate the sleeves. I'm also not keen on the fact that it is going to need something under it (see pictures below - no head as baaaad hair day)

I do love the colour and the yarn, however - may have a rethink and frog it or may adjust the sleeve caps a little and save it for autumn with a camisole under it.

Garden is luscious at the moment - these photos were from before the torrential downpour of the past two days.

And the chap who makes it all happen:


rho said...

WOW you have been busy -- and Krista looks fantastic - maybe a cami under it or if you are a person who sews a lining of something cool -- not a person who sews here so no ideas what that could be ;)

and the garden is lovely -- it will be decades before mine looks anything like that - right now I will be happy for the irrigation and a lawn :D

Janet MF said...

I'm so jealous of your garden. We're only just starting to plant out. With only 4 months of suitable weather conditions (if lucky) we don't get to enjoy such a beautiful "spread". Makes moving south look so attractive - must be patient. Heaven only knows when that will be.

I actually like the sleeves on your sweater. The whole design is very feminine.

Looking at I-Spy Fybromyalgia, I could easily be a patient. Fortunately, if I do, pain issues are sporadic. Discombobulated brain is continuous!

Janet MF up in Yellowknife, Canada