Sunday, June 17, 2007

Two posts

in one day...

This list was published by a contributor on the Fybromyalgia Association UK forum boards. It's a compilation of the symptoms of FMS. Sometimes a whole group of them gang up on me all at once.

Please understand, this isn't a self-pitying post :) - it's just interesting. Do you remember those books you could get - 'The spotter's book of... and the Observer's book of... series? We always had them as kids to keep us busy on journeys. I'm thinking about strating one for us fibromites! Tick off the ones you have and keep an eye out for any new ones!

__ recurrent flu-like illness
__ recurrent sore throats, red and infected
__ painful lymph nodes under the arms and neck
__ muscle and joint aches with tender and trigger points - up to 18 of them
__ night sweats and fever
__ severe nasal and other allergies
__ irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
__ weight change - usually gain
__ heart palpitations
__ mitral valve prolapse
__ severe PMS
__ yeast infections
__ rashes and itching
__ uncomfortable or frequent urination
__ interstitial bladder cystitis
__ chest pains (non-cardiac)
__ temporomandibular joint dysfunction (in the jaw)
__ hair loss
__ carpal tunnel syndrome
__ cold hands and feet
__ dry eyes and mouth
__ severe and debilitating fatigue
__ widespread pain
__ other chronic illness(es) usually present (like diabetes, hypoglycemia, asthma, lupus, ms, etc.)
__ numbness in the limbs, not painful like pins & needles
__ painful swelling in the hands, legs, feet, neck
__ GERDs (gastro-esophageal reflux disorder)
__ “growing pains” start in childhood and teens, continue into adulthood
__ widespread body pain during/after physical exertion

__ attention deficit disorder
__ spatial disorientation
__ calculation difficulties
__ memory disturbance
__ communication difficulties (problems speaking, confusing words)

__ depression
__ anxiety and panic attacks
__ personality changes, usually for the worse
__ emotional lability (mood swings)

__ sleep disturbances
__ headaches
__ changes in visual acuity
__ numb or tingling feelings
__ burning sensations
__ light headedness
__ feeling 'spaced out'
__ desequilibrium
__ frequent unusual nightmares and disturbing dreams
__ tinnitus (ringing in the ears)
__ difficulty in moving your tongue to speak
__ severe muscle weakness
__ susceptibility to muscle, tendon, ligament injury
__ intolerance to bright lights
__ intolerance to alcohol
__ intolerance to sound
__ extreme sensitivity to medications and their side-effects
__ alteration of taste, smell, and hearing
__ insomnia
__ inability to achieve stage 4 restorative sleep
__ morning stiffness in the muscles and joints
__ restless leg syndrome
__ muscle spasms
__ muscle quakiness and shivering during/after activity or exercise
__ sleep paralysis (related to stage 4 sleep deprivation)


rho said...

I did a quick mental check off of the ones I have - and dang it is scary when you lump things all together like that.

Can I steal this also -- I have a few people with fibro who read my blog and I think it is good for people who don't have it to see also.

Still Not Goin Quietly said...

Hi Gill,
Popped in to look at your sweater and saw this list. Ugh. I think there were maybe 6 or 7 altogether that I can't check. Course, my "other illness" is MG so the symptoms overlap a lot. They are kickin' my butt this summer! I have to show this list to my future DIL. I suspect she is a club member;o)

BTW, I do love the sweater! Beautiful color. I would also prolly wear a cami or something. I'm pretty touchy about anything showing through, though that's just me. It really did come out lovely though!

Anonymous said...

Some things I hadn't connected to the FMS. Thanks for posting the list. I'm really depressed now! :)