Monday, October 19, 2009

WLS update

I don't intend this to become a weight loss surgery blog, but it's what going on in my life at the moment so bear with me even if it's a bit boring or the idea disturbs you.

I had an appointment with Mr Small at Sunderland today. It's the third step towards NHS funded weight-loss surgery in this region:

Step 1 - GP referral
Step 2 - Attend information seminar
Step 3 - Appointment in clinic - see surgeon, dietician and set weight-loss target
Step 4 - Review in clinic
Step 5 - If weight loss target met, join waiting list for surgery
Step 6 - Gastroscopy and blood test
Step 7 - Weight loss surgery

Mr Small and the dietician were satisfied that I have made a sufficient commitment to losing weight to go to step 6. I feel ridiculously rewarded, like one of my pupils getting the 'Attitude of the week' award.

So, next step, gastroscopy. Not really looking forward to that, but it will help make a decision about whether I'm a good candidate for a band or whether a Roux en y would be more appropriate. I've got my fingers crossed for band.

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