Saturday, May 08, 2010

Chilly weekend

The weather is still cold and windy. Makes me want to put the heating on and curl up at home.

Ventured out only as far as the supermarket and into town for a much needed haircut this morning - it's been over eight weeks since I had it cut and I have been putting off.
This is because: a)I hate going to any hairdresser (hate staring at myself in the mirror, can't speak the same language as them and have a history of not getting the cut I want) b)My last haircut was horrendous and I've been trying to grow it a bit longer before I get the damage repaired c)I'm having a bit of an image crisis at the moment - my shape is changing, my face is changing and my clothes have had to change too.

Well, I've been now and had the back shaped. I've decided to grow it back into a bob (ish) shape.

&hearts &hearts &hearts

I've beeln experimenting a bit with my diet now that I can eat solid foods. Betty (Betty-the-bypass-pouch) still doesn't like crispy, crunchy foods, but will tolerate a poached egg, toasted WW bread, chicken breast, vegetables, rice in small quantities and salad.

Today I have roasted a pan of veggies with garlic, chilli and olive oil. They smell delicious. I've also tried crustless quiche made from eggs and cottage cheese with a bit of crispy bacon. Might be a good thing for my lunch boxes in order to get some variety from wafer-thin wiltshire cured ham with cottage cheese or chicken breast slivers with green salad.

&hearts &hearts &hearts

I ventured out earlier this morning, when it was brighter, but still cool. The tulips are taking a bit of a battering:

&hearts &hearts &hearts

These are all over the garden. We have been picking them up since we were children:

We always called them Devils' Toenails, for obvious reasons, but they are actually fossilised Gryphaea oysters from the Jurassic period.
Amazing what we take for granted, isn't it?

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Rushton said...

Just had a thought about you this morning. Hope you have had a good week. I am 8 days from the end of spring term and I think I will lose my mind!